"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

                                                                                           Nelson Mandela 

Our workshops are available to staff in the Health, Charity, Education and Business sectors who wish to increase their awareness, knowledge and understanding of mental health conditions in order to best support clients, students or colleagues. 


Paternal Depression during the Perinatal Period

  • Are you aware of Paternal Depression?

  • Do you understand the condition & consequences?                

  • Do you require training in Paternal Depression?

Accredited Training is available with Mark and Dr Jane Hanley

who are specialists in Paternal Mental Health!


Mark also has workshops which are friendly, informal, interactive and engaging.


  • Mental Health in Schools
  • Educating teachers, managerment and employees on ADHD and Mental Health.
  • Sporting Dads Programme: Fathers Mental Health.
  • Basic Awareness of Perinatal Mental Health.
  • Basic Awareness of Fathers Mental Health.
  • Motivation and Lifecoaching. 

Pricing for available on request - please call me on 07472959889